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About Crop Lo-Res

"What else can comics do?"

David Ashburn didn't grow up reading comics.

David grew up reading prose books, watching making-of-the-movie featurettes on DVDs, and dreaming of telling his own stories someday. He didn't come to comics until college, but once he fell for this newly-discovered medium, he fell hard. The way space equalled time, the way page layout affected storytelling - it was all so fresh and exciting, and he wanted to see how far it could go.

He reached out to some artists he liked, and they started cooking. It took him a few tries to find his footing, but by the time he graduated college, his work had been featured alongside creators like Alan Moore and Kieron Gillen in Image Comics' 24 Panels anthology. Since then, he's been selected as a finalist in Platform Comics' 2020 10k Challenge, had stories published in every issue of Monkeys Fighting Robots Magazine, and continued to do work for anthologies like Off into the Sunset. He hasn't found the limits of comics yet, and he knows he never will. He's just fine with that.

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