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10K Anthology Cover.jpg


Story: My Sweet Lord

Publisher: Platform Comics

Writers: Michael A. Abcede, David Ashburn, Leland Bjerg, J.L. Collins, James Couture, Anthony Deitz, Massimiliano Grotti, Nathan Hill, Turner Huston, Oliver Northwood, Bradathon Nu, Michael Roth, Matthew Senn, Billy Singerline, Dominik Schwaeger, Brendan Tobin, Henry Uhrik, Dan Wolff

Artists: Michael A. Abcede, Adam Beachey, Leland Bjerg, Marisa Brignole, Gabriel Calfa, John Carvajal, Lorenzo Colangeli, James Couture, Anthony Deitz, Talia Dutton, Dann Franco, Turner Huston, Oliver Northwood, Cory Osterberg, Matthew Senn, Dominik Schwaeger, Brendan Tobin, Henry Uhrik, Louis Wes, Dan Wolff

Published: June 10, 2020

In 2020, Platform Comics hosted the first-ever 10K Challenge. Teams were given 10,000 minutes - about a week - to make a short comic. Each team was assigned a unique theme for their story, and all teams had to use the phrase “maybe they should self-quarantine” in their comic. Presented here are the stories selected as finalists, free to download.



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